Useful Things

Anime Ace
Free Fonts
More Free Fonts
Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts (Tengwar and Runic fonts)
Dr. Berlin's Hieroglyphic and Ancient Language fonts

Software (Linux):
Slackware Linux
SodiPodi (Vector Graphics)
gfontview (save font tables as .GIF files)
autotrace (raster to vector graphics)

Books: ( links)
How to Paint and Draw Series: Perspective Drawing
How to Draw the Marvel Way
Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

Writing Resources:
The Burning Void
A Dictionary and a Thesaurus (Merriam and Webster in this case)
Encyclopedia Mythica
The Talk.Origins Archive (a real battle between science and religion)

Drawing Tutorials:
Scott McDaniel's Comic Tutorial
Baka Neko Tutorials
Polykarbon Tutorials